Getting Rid of Unrealistic Expectations

Getting Rid of Unrealistic Expectations

“Why do you call me good?” Jesus asked. “Only God is truly good.” Mark 10:18(NLT)

Unrealistic expectations can quickly steal our peace and joy. We usually visualize a perfect day, with perfect people, and ourselves being perfectly happy in our perfect little world, but we all know that isn’t reality. In reality, only God is perfect and the rest of us are under construction.

The devil knows what steals our peace and he sets us up to get upset when our unrealistic expectations fall apart.

After years of letting the devil steal my peace, I finally got it: Life is not perfect, and things are going to happen that we did not plan for and would rather not go through. My new attitude has become, “Oh well, that’s life!” I have discovered that if I don’t let those things impress me, then they can’t depress me.

Everyone has to deal with inconveniences, but we can deal with them and avoid a bad attitude. Remember today that only God is perfect and trust in Him. He can always lead you past disappointing circumstances, strengthening you and helping you to hold on to your peace.

Prayer Starter: God, only You are perfect. I am so glad that even when people and circumstances fail, You never do. Instead of putting my hope in things that will disappoint, I choose a life of peace that only comes from putting my hope in You.

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