Abiding In the Word

Abiding In the Word

But if you remain in me and my words remain in you, you may ask for anything you want, and it will be granted! John 15:7(NLT)

Most Christians know the importance of reading the Bible, but many do not understand the importance of abiding in the Word and allowing the Word to abide in them.

When we are diligent to study the Word and hide Scripture verses in our hearts, we have instant access to them whenever we need them, and Jesus promised that we can ask for whatever we need in prayer and receive it.

Abiding in the Word and allowing the Word to abide in us makes us true disciples of Jesus (see John 8:31). It gives us more power in our prayer lives, and having power in prayer gives us power over the enemy.

Can you honestly say that you have spent your years as a Christian abiding in God’s Word, and allowing it to abide in you? If the answer is no, I encourage you to take action. Make reading and studying the Word a priority. Start memorizing Scriptures and hiding them in your heart. Then, when you face the battles of life, you will be fully armed and prepared to win the war.

Prayer Starter: Lord, I want to be a true disciple and walk in the power that comes from abiding in Your Word. Lead me as I diligently study Scripture and hide Your truth down in my heart.

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