The Holy Spirit Is Our Drill Instructor

The Holy Spirit Is Our Drill Instructor

For you know that when your faith is tested, your endurance has a chance to grow. James 1:3(NLT)

Mature faith doesn’t happen overnight. If we want to have a deep, healthy, solid faith in God, we must exercise our faith to make it stronger.

Think of soldiers in the military. They’re not ready for the most intense battles right away when they enlist in a branch of the service. They have to go through basic training. They are drilled and exercised and trained relentlessly. Drill instructors are assigned to do this ‘equipping’ because soldiers need to possess strength, stamina, resilience and endurance.

Let’s think about this in terms of our faith. First, we enlist, or give our lives to Christ. Then we begin a regimen of basic training, or faith building. The Holy Spirit acts as our Drill Instructor in this case.

The Holy Spirit knows exactly what we each need as a faith-building requirement so we can be prepared in season and out of season. We just need to obey Him, even when it’s challenging, trusting that He knows how to build our faith.

When you let the Holy Spirit train you, the results – a strong, solid faith in God – are well worth the time and effort.

Prayer Starter: Holy Spirit, I submit myself to Your instruction. I want to have a mature, solid faith in You. Train me so I can walk by faith, not sight, trusting God in every situation and for every provision I need.

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