Wait for the Wisdom of God

Wait for the Wisdom of God

Without wise leadership, a nation falls;  there is safety in having many advisers. Proverbs 11:14(NLT)

People often ask me, “How can I know for sure whether I’m walking in the truth or walking according to my feelings and emotions?” I believe the answer is found in patience.

Emotions urge us to hurry, telling us that we must do something and do it right now! But godly wisdom tells us to wait until we have a clear picture of what it is we are to do and when we are to do it. Godly wisdom tells us to seek wise guidance and counsel before we rush into decisions.

We need to be able to back off and view our situation from God’s perspective. We need to make decisions based on what we know rather than what we feel. We need to receive His wisdom and the wisdom of the trusted people He’s placed in our lives.

When faced with any difficult decision, wait until you have a clear answer before taking a step that you may regret. Emotions are wonderful, but they must not be allowed to take precedence over wisdom and knowledge. Seek God’s guidance and let Him show you what to do.

Prayer Starter: God, I won’t rush into decisions and be led by my emotions. I commit to seeking Your wise guidance for the choices I make.

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